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As a marketer, you’ve got far too many things on your plate to be able to just remember them without assistance. This is exactly why checklists exist. In this article we cover the daily and monthly tasks every social media guru has as part of their role in a kickass marketing team (such as ours).

Reply to all direct and private messages to build brand loyalty.

Often, consumers will reach out to brands on social media to learn more about the brand, ask specific questions related to shared content, or request help. So even if you have a million things going on in the background (we know how it is), always set aside a few hours in your day to clear out the inbox for your company’s social media channels.

Check all comments and reactions to posts.

One of the easiest ways to engage your audience is by responding to their comments. If you’re struggling to generate comments in the first place, try starting a conversation and asking your audience to join in on it.

Check all mentions and react to them.

It’s important to know how your brand is perceived online, so you’ll need to monitor mentions of your brand as well as topics within your industry. Thankfully with social media that information is within reach. You can easily set up alerts to be notified whenever your brand is tagged or mentioned.

Schedule posts for the next couple of days.

It’s important to post on social media regularly to grow and maintain an audience. When scheduling content you should also consult other teams within the company to determine whether there are any events, announcements or campaigns that you will need to post about. The earlier you have your creative assets (images, videos, copy), the easier it will be to create your content calendar. Something else to consider is that sharing content doesn’t mean that it only needs to be related to your own brand. Rather, it can include user-generated content or content from a non-competitor that would be of value or interest to your audience.

Check out all social media profiles.

If you have more than one channel, make sure to check each one for any follow requests, mentions or potential partnership opportunities.

Check and update social media ads.

Depending on how many ads you have running, checking in on the performance stats at the end of every week will help you assess the performance. You want to look at the engagement and enquiries, as well as determine whether anything needs to be tweaked.

Plan for the upcoming month and hold brainstorming sessions.

Take a look at international days, public holidays and other important dates and plan campaigns around them. Trends are also important to identify. The trick is jumping in as they’re growing in popularity and knowing when they’ve died out. The best way to find trends is by simply being on social media, a tool we refer to as social listening. You may start to notice a particular sound being used often or a song being added to every reel you come across. Brainstorming sessions are one of the most important things to check off your social media marketing checklist. They help keep the ideas in rotation and give everyone an equal chance to contribute.

Analyse performance and adjust monthly goals.

If you’re not reviewing your performance, how can you improve? Data is every brand’s most sacred asset. It holds incredibly valuable insights about your target audience. Whether it’s increasing your reach, generating more engagement, or driving more traffic to your website, setting goals will serve as your north star and allow you to schedule content that aligns with these goals. It doesn’t matter whether you’re already succeeding or struggling on social media. Reviewing your data will always set you up for a better month ahead.
And there you have it – a detailed social media checklist that will have you on top of your game, every day. 😎 But if you still feel like you could use some focused guidance, you’ve come to the right team. Book a quick call with us today and find out what we can do for your social media planning and management.