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You want to put your brand out there and be ‘present’ online, but you’re not sure what to post nor when to post it. Crafting a successful content strategy can seem intimidating at first, but as with most great challenges in life, it just needs to be taken step by step. Breaking it down into manageable bits will allow you to create an efficient and effective message for your target audience.
Below we’ve outlined the 4 steps you will need to achieve this. It begins with laying out a plan, swiftly followed by setting up an efficient workflow, outlining your content, and editing to your heart’s content. This structure will help keep you on track whilst also allowing creativity, and with this kind of approach, your success is just a few steps away! So let’s take a closer look at what each of these mean.
Planning ahead goes a long way and can remove that overwhelming feeling from the process, creating a much more effective and efficient procedure that makes it easier for you to get your message out there. Planning should be done on a quarterly and monthly basis. This helps identify the purpose of each message and the target audience ahead of time, together with what you want to create and when it’s due.
We’ve probably tried every single content strategy on the internet and through this exercise decided that what typically works best for us and our clients are two key things: a Google doc and a Google calendar. Once set up, we have an idea of the type of content we’re going to put out, the topics we want to push and who we want to target for the next 3-6 months. This means it’s structured but also flexible, allowing for shifts as necessary, because sometimes things crop up and some change becomes crucial.
Want to create successful workflows for your projects? Establish a checklist that will move you closer towards completing the tasks. The way you go from ideation to completion will evolve over time, but it’s important to start leaving yourself clues on which steps you need to take to move closer to the finish line.
Nailing impactful content requires careful consideration and a hefty investment of time. Even if the topic is already familiar to the audience, staying focused on its core message ensures maximum success for your efforts. Rather than endlessly staring at a blank page, create content quickly and efficiently by tackling all of your projects in one sitting.
Consider outlining your discussion points as a prime way to jumpstart the creative process and build structure in your content pieces. Once you do this we know you will hit the ground running on each task instead of struggling to find inspiration from scratch.
Content writers, pay close attention! To make sure your content is engaging and of high quality, we recommend dedicating time for writing followed by a thorough review. Don’t be afraid to get lost in the writing and then go back to it and edit ruthlessly (we all do it). When it comes to post length there are differing perspectives; however we are of the belief that shorter posts tend to be more impactful. Also keep in mind the medium you are writing for. For example, there are different schools of thought when it comes to blog post length. In our experience, people’s generally short attention span encourages us to keep our posts short and sweet – usually between 500-600 words – to have the best chance at keeping them interested until the end.