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Non-marketers think social media is a walk in the park, up until the point they actually get started on it and realise the volume of work that it entails. Social media management involves juggling content for multiple platforms as well as staying on top of community responses and tracking performance, which is why it’s important to be forward-thinking, planning targeted campaigns and automating as much menial work as possible. In this blog we answer some crucial questions to help you manage your social media marketing successfully.

Why is it Important for a Brand to be Present on Social Media?

Research indicates that people spend nearly 2.5 hours a day on social media, so it goes without saying that social platforms pose a huge marketing opportunity. Although they were originally designed for connecting with friends and family, they’ve now become the hub for shoppers to discover new brands and interact with companies online.

How does being on Social Media Boost a Brand?

Naturally, social platforms increase brand awareness. However, over the years platforms like Facebook and Instagram have enabled brands to sell directly from the social network, and now marketers can see a direct increase in traffic, leads and sales.

How Important is a Social Media Strategy?

Without a solid foundation you’ll have trouble creating anything of value. A social media strategy is essential, but you need to ensure that it is built on analysis and behavioural targeting. If it isn’t, you risk losing opportunities to boost your profits and build trust. The last thing you want to do is pour money down the drain after all your hard work.
The death of a social media campaign is almost always due to poor management. If you can’t stay on top of campaign planning, creation, distribution, and analysis, you’ll struggle to meet your marketing goals.
When you are marketing for social media, drive the highest ROI across all the platforms using these 4 simple steps:
Marketing for social media doesn’t need to be confusing. With the right tools in place and a great team (hint: that’s us), you won’t only get the proverbial ball through the hoop; it will be a sweet stream of sexy slam dunks.