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#spendforsunflowers Initiative for Dean Gera Shop

Brand Development
In October, Dean Gera Shop initiated a meaningful CSR campaign, determined to avoid the ‘pinkwashing’ trap. To do this we drew inspiration from the iconic Hospice sunflower to craft a campaign name: ‘Spend for Sunflowers’. The shop thoughtfully curated a selection of products, pledging to donate 10% of October’s sales of these items to Hospice Malta. While pink was subtly woven into the visuals it was not the focal point, as we wanted to move beyond the typical ‘Pink October’ approach. Through the “Spend for Sunflowers” campaign, Dean Gera Shop successfully raised €300 for Hospice Malta, a remarkable contribution to a noble cause.
A heartfelt social media post was crafted to share this achievement and express gratitude to their valued customers for their participation.