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Taking Online Presence to New Heights for NM Group

Social Media
NM Group felt that a rebrand was necessary to stay relevant and current. As a fully fledged professional services firm providing clients with a one-stop shop for all their business needs, the firm found itself seeking change in 2020. It wanted to portray itself as tech-forward but maintain that feeling of a family-run company. It approached MOOD to create a fresh, new look to replace its existing, outdated branding that no longer represented the organisation that it had transformed into. This entailed a complete makeover of their signage, website, and online presence, including its social media.
Effective social media takes planning and continuity. It is a carefully constructed process, aiming to have businesses and individuals achieve their long-term targets and goals.
NM tasked us with their social media handling; posts that were informative as well as appealing to the eye. We created customised template designs that NM Group’s customers would easily identify as theirs to serve as submission and deadline reminders, as well as to communicate company news and other important announcements.