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An Overhaul of misco’s Online Foundations

Brand Development, Web
As Malta’s leading knowledge-based independent consulting firm, misco works closely with its clients to build and transform business strategy into reality. Their range of services includes selection, training, marketing and opinion research, business tools, outsourcing and consultancy. MOOD was entrusted with achieving an overhaul of the brand, most visibly in their website. We also handled misco’s brand development with regards to formulating the brand’s guidelines, producing its social media templates, and creating several of its campaigns.
One of MOOD’s main goals was to enhance the user experience (UX) on misco’s new website. 
The website is a crucial tool for misco as it contains a wealth of information for its clients and is a point of reference for anybody interested in its services. It was important that all buttons were easily identifiable and that there was a focus on responsiveness. Buttons and icons were made to change colour, or cursors were made to change from an arrow to a hand, in order to notify the user that something could be clicked.
Even though misco’s logo was not our creation, we were entrusted to develop the brand and come up with the brand’s guidelines, both for print and digital media.