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Keeping Current through Socials for misco

Social Media
misco is a dynamic player in its field is offering an array of services encompassing selection, training, marketing, opinion research, business tools, outsourcing, and consultancy. The organisation recognised the importance of maintaining a strong online presence across its social media platforms, so we created a social media plan to strike the perfect balance between being informative and engaging, whilst also ensuring consistency in representing the diverse areas of expertise within the company.
To mark their upcoming 40th anniversary, our design team ingeniously crafted a logo for the ‘Road to 40’ campaign, now proudly displayed on their social platforms. This logo’s circular design not only symbolises continuity but also charts the remarkable journey of 40 years, accentuating key occasions and accomplishments along the way. As a special touch, it perfectly mirrors the misco font, creating a cohesive and celebratory visual identity for this significant occasion.