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An Ungendered cut for Dean Gera Salons

Brand Development
There was a feeling amongst the team at Dean Gera Salons that listing men’s cuts and women’s cuts as two separate services with two different prices was outdated and nonsensical, with the cuts requiring equal time and skill and with it being invasive and unnecessary to ask customers to state their gender when booking their haircut. The decision was taken to replace these services with a simple ‘haircut’, and this new and important change needed to be communicated to the public.
Enter MOOD. We created a campaign which we aptly titled ‘They’, demonstrating through videography and photography that haircuts on people of different genders can be similar, highlighting the need to squash the idea that one’s gender needs to be stated when booking a haircut. A 360 campaign was created, based primarily in social media, that incorporated an article on a popular local news and lifestyle portal as well as various influencers to communicate the change and the reason behind it.