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Father & Child Braiding Workshops for Dean Gera Salons

Brand Development
Dean Gera Salons wanted to celebrate fathers and father figures who had been there for their loved ones when they needed them, which is how ‘Bros who Braid’ came to life. Our idea was to set up a workshop through which father figures could learn to braid with the little one in their lives and then put what they had learned into practice, whilst at the same time spending precious quality time together. The workshops were a great success, and fifty percent of the proceeds were donated to Hospice Malta.
The campaign title was created to communicate the coolness of dads and father figures who braid hair, utilising alliteration to make it even more catchy. The logo incorporated facets of the Dean Gera branding together with elements specific to the workshops. We animated it to display a selection of photos in order to create the warm feeling that was aimed for in the workshops.