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A Golden Hour Launch Event for Cult Rhea

Brand Development
Cult Rhea has a mission: to simplify the gift-giving process, allowing individuals to effortlessly compile gift lists from various stores and suppliers that their guests can purchase for them with ease. Their platform ensures gift recipients aren’t limited to one or two stores, giving them the freedom to choose the perfect items for their home and at the same time ensuring buyers give cherished gifts.
To promote this incredible concept we organised a dazzling launch party with a ‘golden hour’ dress code that captivated guests and offered them a chance to meet the Cult Rhea team and understand what sets the brand apart.
The event took place at Razzett L-Abjad, one of Malta’s premier wedding venues, on a warm August evening. To ensure maximum social media coverage we designed, printed and set up a pop-up stand, creating the perfect backdrop for Instagram snaps. Local influencers were invited to extend the event’s reach. As guests departed, they were presented with goodie boxes containing various wedding favour ideas to ignite excitement for their upcoming celebrations. Aligning with Cult Rhea’s commitment to customisation, we designed unique branding materials for the event, including custom-painted background textures on printed invitations and the pop-up stand, seamlessly blending with the golden hour theme.