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Social media has become a core part of our lives, with people and businesses alike tapping into its potential for connection on an unprecedented scale. However, it’s easy to get lost in the pursuit of likes or followers, metrics often seen by users as markers of success. Many may not understand that these are not necessarily indicative towards achieving genuine connections online. Instead, seasoned marketers are focusing primarily on what matters most; using social media strategically to reach their intended targets and achieve tangible goals in sales and customer engagement along the way.
While it is true that we used to measure success by the amount of admiration these little symbols garnished, they are no longer necessarily worth treasuring. Yes, there was definite merit in harnessing likes as a form of approval at one time, but their value is waning and other means should be considered if you’re looking for an accurate reflection of how good your brand or product truly is.
Building meaningful relationships with your customers is the best way to drive sales. While tracking likes and followers can provide insight, these metrics don’t always convert into revenue. Instead, focus on engagement metrics like repeat pageviews, content shares, visitor counts and conversion rates, monitoring which will increase customer acquisition as well as support your ultimate goal.


To engage your audience, base your content on real conversations that matter to them. Now more than ever, people are recognising the necessity of tackling difficult discussions openly and honestly, so don’t be afraid to dive right into these tough topics when addressing products or services. Offer clarity instead of disingenuous promises; being upfront increases trustworthiness in what you have to say.

2. stay relevant

To stay top-of-mind, diversify how you engage customers with your brand. Incorporate social media live sessions to directly interact and answer their questions; share informative facts and stats that can trigger positive conversations; or launch a new product line. These are all great ways of showing people you’re in tune with them.

3. Speak up

Businesses today must speak up about their values and show commitment to something other than profit. In the contemporary landscape, businesses are compelled to vocalise their principles and demonstrate dedication to objectives beyond mere profit. Should your enterprise centre around gender equality, for example, leverage that platform for a greater purpose; convey the advantages and champion exclusiveness across all dimensions.
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