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Welcome to the world of branding, where every curve, colour, and character carries the power to shape perceptions and create lasting impressions. In the bustling realm of marketing and design, two terms often intermingle but possess distinct roles in shaping a company’s image: brand identity and brand guidelines. As businesses strive to make their mark in an ever-evolving landscape, understanding the differences between these becomes paramount.

What is a Brand Identity?

A brand identity is basically the ID card of your brand. It is a document, usually one page long, that states who and what your brand is all about, including the visible elements of the brand such as the logo and the logo anatomy.

Who needs a Brand Identity?

If you want to stand out from your competitors, you need a brand identity to be consistent in your branding. As a business owner, you can easily leverage the benefits of great branding to win more customers and retain them. Brand identity also helps you to grow faster than other businesses who are on your same level.

What is the Purpose of Brand Guidelines?

Brand guidelines help explain how to use the brand. They ensure your brand is correctly communicated and consistently presented to your audience. By strictly adhering to brand guidelines, you can promote a uniquely recognisable brand identity to stand out from competitors, remaining memorable in the minds of consumers.
Brand guidelines should be shared and understood throughout the business. Even one incorrectly used logo can damage a brand’s reputation for quality and professionalism, so collating all the brand information in a brand book is a good idea. This could include more in-depth information such as website templates, advertising and editorial guidelines, and guidance on social media branding and tone of voice.

The Takeaway

The brands that are most recognised and most impactful tend to be those whose brand guidelines are adhered to religiously. Does your brand have clear and concise brand guidelines to ensure that any print or digital piece produced for it, or any mention of it that is made is in keeping with the image you have created for it? We can’t stress the importance of this document enough, and whilst creating it at a brand’s inception is ideal, it’s never too late in a brand’s journey to put it together so as to streamline ideas and ensure uniformity. Get in touch with us today if you would like to put together the crucial branding roadmap that is your brand guidelines, and let’s get started!